AOX+ Eye Gel for crow’s feet.

urlAOX+ Eye Gel is recommended for people who have noticed the first wrinkles on their faces, and suffer from dull, swollen and dry eye skin area. The cosmetic is of antioxidant properties, so in other words, it protects the delicate eye skin area from the solar radiation, free radicals and pollutants derived from the external environment. What is more, AOX+ Eye Gel cools and highlights eye skin area. Visibly, all dark circles, puffiness and bruises disappear. Furthermore, skin turns into being delicate, soft and refreshed. Considerate advantage, the gel reduces wrinkles formed around eyes, so-called crow’s feet, smooths the skin and makes it more tautened. Now, some basic information concerning the application of the product. AOX+ Eye Gel should be applied morning and evening. The first outcomes are expected to become noticeable after approximately four weeks of regular usage. The fact which can be also added, the cosmetic is prompt to become absorbed fully and can be applied under make-up. An important issue, people wearing contact lenses or glasses as well as those suffering from sensitive skin around eyes are safe to use AOX+ Eye Gel.

Quite distinguishing feature, AOX+ Eye Gel includes C vitamin in its composition. Certainly, its working is fairly versatile. To demonstrate, the product highlights ashen skin around eyes, adds glow and reduces small discolourations. Moreover, the product immunizes and protects skin from the harmful agents and pollutants.

The cosmetic from Skin Ceuticals is closed in a black bottle of 15 ml capacity. The dark colour is used for a reason since it limits the solar radiation passing through the bottle. Under those circumstance, the ingredients and consistency remain in untouched form, the gel preserves its regenerating and nourishing properties. Point often overlooked, the cosmetic should be stored in a safe place. Important to realize, you can put AOX+ Eye Gel into a refrigerator to strengthen the cooling effect of the product. To each package, the producer attached a leaflet including all essential data considering the directions for usege, properties and composition of AOX+ Eye Gel. The application itself is a piece of cake. The little bottle is ended with a pump dispenser, due to which, you can distribute the appropriate amount of the product.