How to make your eyelashes grow long and thick?

Podkręcanie rzęsWe all love long eyelashes but not many realize that we do need eyelashes to be dense and long. The longer and thicker, the better they protect our eyes and keep dirt, germs, and debris out of it. Nothing in our bodied is for beauty and everything has its specific reason. Our eyes are very sensitive; therefore, Mother Nature has provided us with lids and lashes. What if our lashes are sparse and thin? There are many things we can do to help them grow thicker and longer.

The oldest method known to our grand grandmothers is using the mix of oils as the lash conditioners. The most popular, castor oil was widely used to cure baldness and any hair growth dysfunctions. Although the castor oil works magic on its own, it has a very thick consistency, which is difficult to be distributed. Dissolved in an anti-inflammatory coconut makes a perfect match. Oils nourish and hydrate hair so that they can grow thicker and healthier. It is advisable to apply a tiny bit of oil on the lashes ideally before bed. Although very efficient, not many people like this method as it may be quite messy and it may leave your pyjama and pillow stained.

The second way to stimulate the lash growth is using the eyelash serum. It is condensed pack of natural ingredients that combined properly can make your lashes grow amazingly long and dense. There are many popular eyelash Serums on the market and the choice is really wide. It is crucial to check the list of active agent and make sure they are 100 % safe. Both Nanolash and Lash Food are products that are recommended for being gentle for the skin and highly effective. Lash Serums work mainly on hair roots and nourish lashes from bulbs up. This method of eyelash stimulation gives great results visible usually within 3 weeks of daily use. The product needs to be applied on the lash line with the help of a tiny brush. Before choosing the best product for you, it is worth taking time and checking the customers ‘reviews to make sure you know what you are buying.

What to look for when purchasing the Eyelash Enhancer:

• Is the product safe?

• Was it Ophthalmologist tested and approved?

• Are customers happy with the results they have achieved?