Luxurious massage candles

massageMassage candle are the just being introduced on the UK market. The combination of moisturizing ingredients and the soothing massage atmosphere can won pretty much anybody. How to use them properly so that we get the best benefits?

Massage candles are made for 100% natural ingredients such as: sham butter, coconut, almond oil and many more. It is important to know that the vitamin E and essential oils are also added to the massage candle. The massage done with the use of this great beauty product will wake up almost all your senses: smell, touch, and sight. The massage candle can be also treated as a form of aromatherapy.

In order to start the massage, the wax needs to have 37 Celsius degrees. The whole treatment should last no longer than an hour. The wax leaves our skin relaxed, free of any stress and tension, smooth and nourished. It has been proven, that massaging body parts with all those great ingredients successfully reduces cellulite. It effectively deals any kind of muscle and back pains.

How to do the candle massage?

Those kind of candles look very similar to standard candles used for in the interior design. What’s different is the formula. In massage candles essential oils are used instead of stearin. The candle has to be lit for 15 min so that the oils melt and can be easily spread on the skin. Put down the light and pour the wax onto the skin in the areas where you want to do the massage. What health benefits does the massage can give? It will relax your muscles and bring relief in pain. It is also great treat for your senses. It can change your mood and make you enjoy life better.

How does massage candles look like?

The normally come in a standard pot just like a normal candle does. Many companies started offering their customers those beauty products and the choice of smells and ingredients’ combination is endless. You can pick and choose anything you can think of, and you are sure to find it online. The price will vary and it depends mainly on the type of ingredients used in the candle.