Die zit, die! How to hide acne and discolorations.

cera naczynkowaBad face day. Does it sound familiar? Surely, each of us has suffer from this kind of undesirable condition. How to cope with this sudden and unpleasant surprise? Should you stay at home for the whole day or wrap a scarf around the face? Neither one, nor the other. Learn how to perform camouflage make-up to hold back any zit from ruining your day.

The most vulnerable groups of people to acne, blackheads and discolorations formation are the young and all those having oily and combination skin type. Irregular functioning of sebaceous glands along with fluctuations in hormone levels result in the excessive and uncontrolled sebum production. As a consequence, face skin shines, skin pores are clogged and, in general, the complexion is covered with acne and spots. To avoid this, face skin needs to be properly cleansed, washed and exfoliated. And what about make-up? This beautifying treatment can also camouflage skin imperfections, improve overall appearance along with the mood itself. Having this in mind, how to perform camouflage make-up?

First of all, prepare the following accessories and cosmetics: a purifying toner, a moisturizing cream or an ointment for discolorations, a green concealer, a concealer of nude or a tone brighter shade, a make-up foundation, a powder and five types of make-up brushes.

Secondly, cleanse face skin with the purifying toner and the acne itself treat with the moisturizing cream. If you want to hide a post-acne mark, cover it with a silicone ointment. This medicine makes the mark brighter and eases the concealer application. When the cream gets absorbed, put the green concealer on the mark with the usage of a small and pointy make-up brush. Why in particular this kind of colour is the most suitable? Red, the colour of acne, and green are two contrasting colours. As a result, while combining these, we get a neutral shade that covers the imperfection. With this in mind, remember to do not apply the concealer around the spot. Coming back to camouflage make-up, next reach for a slightly bigger and flat make-up brush. Then, with the nude concealer cover the acne/spot. Do not smudge the product but stamp the skin flaws of your face and the surface around these. With the bigger make-up brush, smooth the applied cosmetics and then put on the make-up foundation. To do it, use a big and flat make-up brush. Finish the whole camouflage make-up process with the application of a transparent powder. Now, can you see any zits?