White eyeliner pencil and its atypical applications.

whiteSome of us know the tricks of transforming the unwanted cosmetics into the new, useful ones. For example, a shampoo that does not go hand in hand with our hair can be easily changed into a hair removal cosmetic. The crushed eyeshadows can be mixed with a nail polish, which is how we gain the completely new colour and the facture of the cosmetic. And what can be done with a white eyeliner pencil, which in fact, is a quite popular cosmetic nowadays?

The common use of a white eyeliner pencil.

All of us know (maybe except men since they are not rather interested in the subject of beauty) what is the reason for using a black eyeliner pencil. Simply, we paint with it a thin line on our eyelids. Obviously, the line can be of various shapes and sizes. Some women prefer wearing double flick eyeline style while other tend to perform winehouse, Arabic or dropped flick eyeline style. And what is the aim of using a white eyeliner pencil? Definitely, it has much more applications than its black counterpart. Nevertheless, let us focus only on the basic applications of this product. Generally, with the white eyeliner pencil, we mark, so-called, waterline of the eye. It is an edge of the lower eyelid. In other words, the spot adjoining the white of the eye. Why in particular we paint this part of the eye? The answer for this question is known to all the people having problem with falling eyelids. By marking the waterline, we make our eyes optically wider and more open. What is more, in that manner, our everyday make-up gains a sort of elegant look. And do you know what are the other, uncommon applications of the white eyeliner pencil?

Other applications of the white eyeliner pencil.

Firstly, thanks to the white eyeliner pencil, we can optically distant the eyes located near each other. Suffice to paint V-shaped line in the inner corners of eyes. Next, the cosmetic should be smudged by stretching the white colour onto the lower eyelid.

Secondly, the white eyeliner pencil can help with highlighting eyes as well. Put a little bit of the product on the inner corner of the eye, right under eyebrow and on the lower eyelid next to the outer corner of the eye. Rub it in such a way to make the cosmetic blend with either skin tone or eye make-up. Remember, try to make the white colour remain slightly visible.

Thirdly, if it happens that you have run out of an eyeshadow base, and you had forgotten to buy another one, reach for the white eyeliner pencil. Apply it on the moving eyelid and put on the eyeshadows of your choice. Due to this magic trick, your eyes become highlighted, eyeshadows hold longer and the look itself gains the depth and expressiveness.

Now, time for the most atypical using of the white eyeliner pencil. If you use to painting your nails with a nail varnish, especially the darker ones, surely, it often happens that by accident the inner part of the nail becomes painted. Obviously, you can use a nail polish remover, nevertheless, the nails are still going to remain rather dark. Instead, use the white eyeliner pencil. Paint the inner part of the nail plate and your fingers and hands will gain quite interesting and new look.